Summary of measures for COVID-19 virus

This summer everything is different and unfortunately your holiday will be different than usual. Like everyone, we follow developments closely. Fortunately, some relaxation is possible in Portugal and we are opened again. Obviously, this is in accordance with the measures and guidelines of the Portuguese government, the DGS (Direção-Geral de Saûde) the Municipality of Tábua and laid down in a Plano de Contingência COVID-19 Retiro Turismo Rural Lda. We comply with the extensive requirements to be allowed to carry the “Estabelecimento Clean & Safe” seal of Turismo de Portugal.

The virus is still present and we have taken the following measures to protect your health and ours as well as possible:

Drastic reduction of our capacity in the months of June , July and August:

  • The holiday homes can be booked again as of May, 18th and our nature campsite is open again.
  • In order to give every family / couple a 100% guarantee on the use of their own shower and toilet, we will receive no more than 6 families on our quinta at the same time this summer. This is not imposed by the government but our decision.
  • We only receive guests based on prior reservation for a minimum stay of 7 nights. The gate remains closed and we do not accept guests who have not booked in advance.
  • Holiday home Casa Retiro is not rented this summer and is available and furnished as “Area de Isolação” to safely isolate guests who develop symptoms during their holidays and who must remain in quarantine if COVID-19 is confirmed after testing. An extensive protocol has been drawn up for this and must be strictly observed.

Extra attention to cleaning and hygiene

  • The holiday homes and rental tents Chapado are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before your arrival, according to an extensive cleaning protocol that is part of the “Clean & Safe” program of Turismo de Portugal. On arrival you will receive an extensive checklist of how this was carried out by us.
  • During your stay you are responsible for keeping your accommodation clean. A basic set is available for this in your rental accommodation.
  • We do not provide personal protective equipment such as mouth masks, gloves, disinfectant hand gel, etc., but these can be purchased through us at cost price.
Use of sanitary building campsite

  • Every family / couple staying at our nature campsite will receive a key of their own bathroom + toilet at arrival.
  • Before arrival they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by us according to an extensive cleaning protocol that is part of the “Clean & Safe” program of Turismo de Portugal.
  • During your stay you are responsible for the cleaning of your private bathroom and toilet clean. A basic set cleaning materials is available for this in your bathroom.
  • The area for general use in the bath house is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by us daily according to the same protocol.

General rules:

  • A number of general areas such as the reception, the library, the pool bar will remain closed for the time being. There are also no joint activities such as dinners organized this summer
  • At aarival  – and during your stay – we adhere to the basic rules of social distance of at least 1.5 meters. This also applies of course to guests who do not belong to the same family.
  • Payments are only made by bank transfer or disinfected ATM.


  • The pool can be used but not by all guests at the same time. Every day we make a schedule in which each family / couple has at least 1.5 hours to swim privately and sunbathe by the pool.
  • The swimming water is safe. In addition to the biological cleaning via the flash bed with plants, a heavy UV lamp has also been installed in the circulation system, which disinfects the water day and night.
  • Contact points such as pool steps, outdoor shower and sunbeds are disinfected by us several times a day.

Quinta da Encavalada (Senhor das Alma)

  • These measures also apply to guests staying at Quinta da Encavalada.
  • The swimming pool at Quinta da Encavalada is chlorinated and there will be use of the pool for 4 hours per day per family.

These measures and related protocols will be amended as soon as new guidelines from the Portuguese government are published.

Marga en Jurrie Kramer
Retiro Turismo Rural Lda
Quinta do Retiro & Quinta da Encavalada



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